We begin the new year with a brand new and great release by Kardinal
on his solo effort Upon This Rock ! He has already left his mark with his partner
DJ Lowkey with their massive collaboration Lowkey & Kardinal on various
labels around the world.
On his second solo release for AFULAB Kardinal again delivers three bombs with an ease !
He mastered his own style of building tension in the tracks that make them abusive and mental.
Upon This Rock will definitely do it’s damage and stay tuned for more to come in 2013 !!

We love and release on Vinyl !

feedback :

Dj Balthazar : BOMB !!
Sasha Carassi : Love it !!
Bodyscrub : Great release , Upon this rock for me
Slam : Nice tunes , thx
Dave the drummer : Fabulous !!
Joseph Capriati : very nice package
Francesco Grant: Nothing to Hide ! Great for me.
Kornecki: B1 rockt die bude uueee!! danke D
Ergin Karabulut: brett