Once the sub label of trope recordings as A.F.U. Music. discontinued 1998 and reborn as AFU Limited in 2005 with huge success from Heckmann, Butch, Popof. Also has the AFUXTRA label attached for very special releases, often collaborations and on colourd Vinyl.

The famous and not really a sub label in the normal manner (of AFU Limited), but a strong name itself in the techno world.

After the unnecessary demise of trope recordings (due to problems with distribution and money – what else 😉). Wavescape continued successfully with Heckmann’s trade mark EBM-Techno sound.

The sister label of Wavescape for Heckmann’s more relaxed and Tech-House tunes.

The almighty first label imprint by Heckmann. strong innovative and influencial. defining a lot of genres from Acid to Techno to Experimental aso.

All other music and releases by Thomas P. Heckmann and his countless projects.