OUT NOW ON http://thomaspheckmann.bandcamp.com METRIC SYSTEM – ELECTRONIC DUB !!!

16. October 2012 / No Comments / Tags: dub electronic, experimental, heckmann, Metric System, sp-12, studio 440, thomas P., Thomas P. Heckmann, Trope


In the 90s Thomas made several tracks and records under disguises
as he was always just linked to producing Acid or Techno. But his horizon
is very much wider and he used the project Metric System for his dubby
and more mellow recordings. The first release SP-12 was also only recorded
on the Emu Drumsampler of the same name, the second one was then
only produced with the Sequential Circuits Studio 440. Metric System released
two 12 inches on Trope Recordings and a third release was shelved and is in
parts present here as well. Also there are many unreleased experiments and
minimal tracks from a time when minimal was not a genre, but a way of making music 🙂