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A four track 33 rpm EP with extremely danceable, masterfully produced Electronic Body Music and Techno beats. This beautiful piece of vinyl is set to become a true collector’s item.

Here’s what Mr. Heckmann himself has to say about the release:
“Growing up with music from the Post-Punk and newly rising Synth scene in the late 70s and early 80s, I was always a huge fan, follower and admirer of the genres. I did many unreleased cassettes in the 80s, ranging from Industrial, Experimental, Synth-Pop, Dark Wave etc., but they were never officially released.
When I started professionally with Techno I always used the influences from those days and combined it to my own genre, EBM-Techno that was adopted by many to follow.
Sometimes I just take a few instruments, in the case of this EP it was EML 101, Korg MS50, MS20, SQ10, modified EKO Ritmo 20, Casio MT-40, ARP Sequencer, Electro Harmonix Effects, Boss Effects, Coron Effects, Tape Echo, and just record and produce in the spirit of those early days with this and no computer.
So this Heckmann – Coldwave EP is the straight result of having fun and twiddling knobs and there’s already more finished.”