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The almighty Bassline that is probably one of the most used electronic instruments
ever, at least in dance music. I used this and still use it a lot. All my biggest tracks
had at least one 303 in it, Amphetamine, Sync In, Tanzmaschine, aso.
The music world would look very different without this little quirky box from
Japan, that originally did not sell well and was only getting astronomically high
prices in the aftermarket from 1985 to today.

Manufactured by Roland
Dates 1982-1984
Price £238 UK, $395 US, DM 899
Technical specifications
Polyphony monophonic
Timbrality none
Oscillator Sawtooth and square wave
LFO none
Synthesis type Analog Subtractive
Filter 18dB low pass resonant filter, non self oscillating
Aftertouch No
Velocity sensitive No
Memory 64 patterns,  7 tracks
Effects No internal effects.
Keyboard Minikeyboard for programming

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